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Through building lasting relationships with our customers, Unity Health Advisors provides those of the Fort Worth, TX region with the highest quality insurance plans at the guaranteed lowest wholesale rates available on the market today.


Unity Health Advisors Have You Covered.

We are 100% committed to providing our clients the highest quality insurance plans available at the guaranteed lowest wholesale direct rates available anywhere. We have access to every major insurance company with brand names like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna and Mutual of Omaha.

We also carry several wholesale direct insurance lines with rates that are up to 40% less than name brand insurance plans from companies like Philadelphia American and Southwest Service Life. Whether you’re shopping for health insurance, life insurance, accident only insurance or dental/vision insurance, we can help get you the best coverage available with the lowest rate possible.

The PremierChoice Difference

  • Overview

  • No Calendar Year Deductibles to Satisfy!

  • First Dollar coverage

  • No Additional Underwriting

  • Any Doctor, Any Hospital

  • Optional Medical Inflation Protection & Guaranteed Insurability Rider

  • Limitations

  • Each plan pays in addition to any coverage You have in force.

    Automatically Locks in Your rates for 15 months at no extra charge!**

    24 hour coverage, on or off the job. Coverage You can depend on when You need it the most.

  • You receive “first dollar” benefit payments under each of the PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans without first having to satisfy any calendar year deductible, which is different from ACA essential health benefit plans and many other plans that require the Insured to first satisfy a calendar year deductible for network providers, and a separate calendar year deductible for non-network providers, before applicable medical expenses are eligible for payment.

  • First Dollar coverage, up to the applicable benefit amount, available under both the Specified Disease/Sickness & the Accident Plans for Outpatient Doctor Office Visits! Special “rollover” feature in each plan; if You don’t use Your benefits, You don’t lose them.

  • Buy more coverage, if You need it, without additional underwriting! Ask Your Agent about the Optional Single Step-Up Rider, the Optional Double Step-Up Rider and the Optional Medical Inflation Protection & Guaranteed Insurability Rider.

  • But You can stretch Your dollars further by choosing an In-Network Provider.

  • Neither the PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness Plan with the Optional Medical Inflation Protection & Guaranteed Insurability Rider nor the PremierChoice Accident Plan with the Optional Medical Inflation Protection Rider are ACA essential health benefits plans. However, while these are in full force and effect, You have the right to purchase additional coverage under Our PremierMed Short Term Medical- Surgical Expense Plan with no additional underwriting, if You are not covered under an ACA plan of “minimal essential coverage”, as a bridge to Your purchase of ACA essential health benefits coverage.*

  • *The individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) generally requires individuals to maintain “minimum essential coverage” in 2014 and beyond, or be subject to payment of the annual shared responsibility payment, the amount of which is based, in part, upon the individual’s household income each year. The PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness Plans and Accident Plans are insurance plans which provide benefits on an expense incurred basis up to a maximum daily/monthly/annual amount for covered services and are neither “essential health benefits plans” under the ACA, traditional major medical insurance plans, nor Workers Compensation plans under state law. PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness Plans and Accident Plans are “excepted benefit plans” under the ACA, but are not considered “minimum essential coverage” under it. Therefore, unless an Insured under one of our PremierChoice Specified Disease/Sickness Plans and/or Accident Plans has an exemption from the ACA’s individual mandate or maintains “minimum essential coverage” under the ACA, the Insured will be subject to the ACA’s “shared responsibility payment”

    **The Premium Rate Guarantee Period does not apply to any rate change due to: change of address; addition of Insureds; change of benefits or options; change of Mode Of Premium Payment; group policy coverage, benefits, limitation or exclusion changes; or any future requirements of any federal or state law.

    PremierChoice is not available in all states please contact licensed agent for more information. Limitation, Waiting Periods and Exclusions apply.

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Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

No Fort Worth, TX resident wants to be caught in a situation where they may need to face mounting medical debt. Call Unity Health Advisors today to secure the vision, dental, life, or health insurance you need.


Why Clients Prefer Unity Health Advisors

Insurance Plans Unity Health Advisors, Fort Worth, TX

Personalized Plans To Fit Your Budget

For those with a lower budget for heal th care, Fort Worth, TX insurance plans may seem out of reach. Unity Health Advisors personalized plans are customized to ensure they fit all of your budgetary needs.

Easy Process Unity Health Advisors, Fort Worth, TX

Easy Application Process

The process to apply for coverage with Unity Health Advisors is kept simple for our Fort Worth, TX applicants. With only simple information required, you can be well on your way to the coverage you deserve.

Knowledgeable Agents Unity Health Advisors, Fort Worth, TX

Knowledgeable Agents

With knowledgeable agents worki ng with our Fort Worth, TX clients, Unity Health Advisors provides a confident and assured experience regardless of your current enrollment status. Whether you’re inquiring about a plan, or have a question about an existing plan, we’re here for you

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Meet Your Agent

Amelia Rogers

"We are 100% committed to providing our clients the highest quality insurance plans available at the guaranteed lowest wholesale direct rates available anywhere."

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We're With You Every Step of the Way

  • How do I get a free quote?

    Getting a free quote for your Fort Worth, TX coverage is simple. With a single phone call to one of our knowledgeable Unity Health Advisors agents, or filling out our online form, you can receive an accurate free quote in just a few minutes.

  • What are average deductibles?

    With Unity Health Advisors insurance plans, there are no calendar year deductibles to satisfy for those in the Fort Worth, TX region that we cover. Regular deductibles are kept low and affordable according to your personalized plan.

  • What are average premiums?

    Average premiums are catered to the specific needs of those in the Fort Worth, TX region we serve. By providing a personalized approach to insurance coverage, Unity Health Advisors is able to match your average premiums with your budget. Your rates are locked i n for 15 months.

  • What is covered?

    When speaking with our honest and knowledgeable Unity Health Advisors agent, you’ll be able to choose your coverage points and your particular insurance plans. This means you can opt for the coverage that you need, while skipping o ut on what you don’t.

  • How do I get more coverage?

    Without any additional underwriting necessary, Unity Health Advisors representatives can include more coverage onto your plan at any time. Simply call your local Fort Worth, TX representative to further persona lize your plan. Our hardworking Unity Health Advisors agents will tailor your plan to your needs and your budget.

  • Which doctors are in my network?

    Your coverage covers any doctor or hospital within the Fort Worth, TX region, providing a simple and affordable way to obta in just the medical care you want. Without needing to search for an in network hospital, you’re provided complete control over your medical care experience.

  • "I can highly, and without reservation, recommend Mario Jasso of US Health Group. I had a very small group with unique problems and situations, and he found solutions for each member, and the group as a whole. He offered affordable insurance with excellent coverage and benefits far beyond what I thought would be possible. It was just by chance that I was given Mario’s contact information, but he is now my “go to” guy for health insurance."
    Jackie Taylor, JWT Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • "Mario was a great help to me I needed cheap reliable insurance and he helped me out so much explained the plan and everything I really appreciate him. And would recommend him to anyone."
    Taliyah Pitt
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