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Vision Insurance

Covering Our Fort Worth, TX Residents

PremierVision uses the extensive EyeMed Insight network of more than 71,000 providers for Fort Worth, TX resident clients to choose from. Finding a provider that best fits your needs and schedule is simple for Fort Worth, TX clients, as they may choose from both independent and retail establishments as best fits their needs.

Included in your Fort Worth, TX vision insurance plan is comprehensive eye exams with $0 copay, frames with $10 copay, and various corrective standard lenses each with $10 copay. Corrective contact lenses are also covered by your Fort Worth, TX vision insurance plan, with 100% out of network benefits up to an allowance of $100.

Our Commitments To You

Personalized Plans To Fit Your Budget

Your personalized Fort Worth, TX vision plan is tailor made to best fit your budget and your specific needs. This approach to vision plans ensures you pay for what you need and not what you don’t.

Easy Application Process

Applying for your Fort Worth, TX PremierVision plan is easy, with a user friendly process that takes your time and your legwork into consideration. You could be just minutes away from vision coverage and peace of mind.

Knowledgeable Agent

Our Unity Health Advisors knowledgeable agents address all of your concerns and answer your questions with honest and integrity. Obtain a Fort Worth, TX vision care plan that you completely understand and feel confident with from top to bottom.

  • "I can highly, and without reservation, recommend Mario Jasso of US Health Group. I had a very small group with unique problems and situations, and he found solutions for each member, and the group as a whole. He offered affordable insurance with excellent coverage and benefits far beyond what I thought would be possible. It was just by chance that I was given Mario’s contact information, but he is now my “go to” guy for health insurance."
    Jackie Taylor, JWT Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • "Mario was a great help to me I needed cheap reliable insurance and he helped me out so much explained the plan and everything I really appreciate him. And would recommend him to anyone."
    Taliyah Pitt
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