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Life Insurance

Covering Our Fort Worth, TX Residents

If you fall victim to unforeseen circumstances, would your Fort Worth, TX family be taken care of? Unity Health Advisors Fort Worth, TX life insurance provides this essential peace of mind for local residents. America’s Choice LifeProtector serves Fort Worth, TX residents with a 10 year renewable term life insurance creates a solid foundation that ensures your area family will be ta ken care of in the event of your passing.

Specifically, Fort Worth, TX residents with the America’s Choice LifeProtector plan can rest assured their policy will help with mortgage, car payment, childcare, educational obligations, and other expenses in the event of their death. Beneficiaries are not taxable, and premium payment options range from $10 to $50 in $5 increments.

Our Commitments To You

Personalized Plans To Fit Your Budget

Your Fort Worth, TX life insurance plan is tailored to fit both your needs and your budget. With low premiums in $5 increments from $10 to $50, peace of mind that doesn’t break your budget is here.

Easy Application Process

The process of applying for Fort Worth, TX life insurance is a simple one, with easy to understand questions and a quick approval process. The journey to finding the right life insurance plan for you doesn’t bring on extra stress.

Knowledgeable Agent

Should you have any questions regarding your Fort Worth, TX life insurance plan, a knowledgeable Unity Health Advisors agent is here to help. With experience in the field, your agent will walk you through your inquiries with patience and honesty.

  • "I can highly, and without reservation, recommend Mario Jasso of US Health Group. I had a very small group with unique problems and situations, and he found solutions for each member, and the group as a whole. He offered affordable insurance with excellent coverage and benefits far beyond what I thought would be possible. It was just by chance that I was given Mario’s contact information, but he is now my “go to” guy for health insurance."
    Jackie Taylor, JWT Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • "Mario was a great help to me I needed cheap reliable insurance and he helped me out so much explained the plan and everything I really appreciate him. And would recommend him to anyone."
    Taliyah Pitt
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