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Insurance shouldn’t be an unattainable thing for residents of Fort Worth, TX, and we strive to make your coverage affordable, custom tailored, and just what you need to provide valuable peace of mind.

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Our Mission

Our Unity Health Advisors representatives and professionals are completely committed to serving our Fort Worth, TX community with the highest quality insurance plans they need at the lowest wholesale prices on the market today. With hard work and integrity, we hope to serve individuals, families, and small businesses of the Fort Worth, TX region by ensuring every person has the coverage they require to lead full, happy, and healthy lives.



Integrity refers to having a sense of strong moral principles, and this is one of our major values at Unity Health Advisors. While serving our Fort Worth, TX public, we represent ourselves and our moral standing with every question we answer, advice we give, and interaction we have.


Without full and thorough knowledge of the insurance industry, our Unity Health Advisors professionals would not be able to ser ve the Fort Worth, TX region to the best of our ability. Not only do we keep up with the latest to know about insurance today, but the latest trends moving forward.

Hard Work

Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved without hard work, and this is a mantr a we take seriously at Unity Health Advisors. For our Fort Worth, TX clients, we work as hard as we can to make sure you’re receiving the highest quality insurance at the very best price.

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Health Insurance

Comprehensive and custom tailored health insurance plans allow Unity Health Advisors to provide Fort Worth, TX residents with the coverage they require for a price they can afford. Live the healthy life you want with budget peace of mind.

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Life Insurance

Our Unity Health Advisors life insurance plans provide Fort Worth, TX clients with the peace of mind they need knowing their families will be taken care of no matter what their life throws their way.

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Vision Insurance

Unity Health Advisors vision insurance coverage allows you to talk to a knowledgeable Unity Health Advisors representative, follow a simple application process, and leave the experience with the Fort Worth, TX vision insurance plan you really need.

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Dental Insurance

Get that confident, happy, and healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of with affordable Unity Health Advisors dental insurance coverage that keeps your specific needs in mind. Both family and individual coverage plans tailor to you.

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  • "I can highly, and without reservation, recommend Mario Jasso of US Health Group. I had a very small group with unique problems and situations, and he found solutions for each member, and the group as a whole. He offered affordable insurance with excellent coverage and benefits far beyond what I thought would be possible. It was just by chance that I was given Mario’s contact information, but he is now my “go to” guy for health insurance."
    Jackie Taylor, JWT Electrical Technology, Inc.
  • "Mario was a great help to me I needed cheap reliable insurance and he helped me out so much explained the plan and everything I really appreciate him. And would recommend him to anyone."
    Taliyah Pitt
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